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about me

... how I learned this stuff ... kind of ...

Favorite Games: Super Mario 64
  Deus Ex
Programming Language: python
Preferred OS: linux (lubuntu distro)

I started programming during high school because I wanted to make video games. I started with C++, using a Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days book. After 21 days, I knew almost everything about programming.

During my first few months of programming, I created a few simple games such as Bario, Lario, and Zeldo. I choose not to link them here at this time. Working on these games helped me learn some of the basic concepts of game programming (and programming in general), though.

Over time I developed a routine of beginning a new project, working on the project for a short while, and then abandoning the project. I was trying to create overly ambitious projects; eventually I scaled back and created a handful of simpler games, continuing to mostly clone existing games such as Missile command.

Have you ever met a programmer who didn't want to create an RPG? I wanted to create all of them. Unfortunately, I regularly failed to develop an RPG project beyond the first couple of demo releases. (I feel marginally vindicated, then, by all of the RPG elements I incorporated into A Lode Runner Story.)

Creating websites also began to interest me during high school. I honestly started my website programming career with HTML for Dummies. From the first generic websites I've created to the "modern-day" version of my website, I've made a lot of mistakes and learned a fair amount in the process.

You will notice that I like the Lode Runner franchise. Our family had a Commodore 64 (thanks to a generous uncle); I played a great number of games on the machine, but I remember Lode Runner as well as any other. I've created a handful of Lode Runner clones over the years, most recently A Lode Runner Story, which you should try immediately!

I started using linux a few years ago. Despite a handful of limitations (mostly videogame related), I much prefer it over windows systems now. Please consider making the switch to linux.


... recommended websites ...

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  • a lightweight ubuntu-based distribution.

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  • pygame.org hosts a wide variety of game projects that use pygame, an SDL wrapper.

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